Intercytex Making Progress

Hair multiplication may be the next big step in surgical hair restoration. Several medical teams on three continents are currently researching hair multiplication. The UK-based firm Intercytex appears to be the frontrunner. Their latest report on the Phase II clinical study of ICX-TRC (a suspension of patient's own dermal papilla cells) was released in September 2007. The results so far were encouraging, especially in the study group in which the scalp was stimulated prior to the injection. All patients whose scalp was pre-stimulated at the time of injection showed substantial and visible increased hair counts (13%-105%) at six and/or twelve weeks of the study. The next announcement of preliminary data is expected by the end of March 2008 and the whole Phase II clinical study should be completed by the end of 2008. The earliest date that hair multiplication could become commercially available is estimated at 2012.

hair multiplication scheme


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