Hair Thickeners and Hair Loss Concealers

DerMatchHair thickeners are, besides wigs, the quickest method of replacing lost hair. Whether we call these products hair thickeners or hair loss concealers, they do the same job and that is to make thin areas on our scalp appear fuller. All of these products have the reputation of coming off on the pillow case at night and of not having the ability to withstand rain or wind. However, some of them are surprisingly resistant and effective.

Various types of hair thickeners take different approaches to covering thin areas. Some of them use micro fibres that are statically charged and cling tightly to your existing hair and they have been covered in one of the previous posts,"Hair Loss Concealers"; whereas others colour your scalp, eliminating the contrast between your hair and scalp, or coat and penetrate your hair and trap moisture and hair-thickening proteins in the hair shaft, thus giving it more body. This last type of hair loss concealers is called hair thickeners because this is exactly what they are doing - they make your hair thicker in diameter. As mentioned before, some products, in addition to thickening your existing hair, colour the skin of the balding scalp so that it matches the colour of your hair. This greatly improves the optical elusion of fuller hair. Hair thickeners usually come in several variable shades. The best known products in this category are DermMatch, Thicker Fuller Hair, COUVRe Protein Hair Expander, ProThik and Toppek Hair Fattener.

Many consumers praise hair thickeners for being extremely resistant to external factors, such as wind and water or coming off on a pillow case. They even allow you to continue with your topical hair loss treatment, such as minoxidil. Some users achieve incredibly good results from a combination of a moisturising hair thickener such as DermMatch and a micro fibrous hair loss concealer such as Toppik (see folica's DermMatch customer reviews). Negative comments are in the most cases related to difficulties with applying these products accurately, as using them efficiently takes practice. There have been several negative comments related to the limited choice of hair shades.

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