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HairMax LaserComb Review

HairMax LaserComb

In January 2007, Lexington International's HairMax LaserComb received FDA clearance, allowing it to be used safely as a treatment promoting hair growth in males. This clearance was awarded due to Lexington's ability to demonstrate equivalence with other devices that had been approved in the past and been used for decades. Thus, HairMax should be at least as safe and efficient in treating thinning hair and healing scalp injuries as the old stationary hoods, employing low-level laser therapy. This clearance is not equivalent to FDA approval, though. LaserComb is not a novel prescription drug, it is a miniaturised version of the old cosmetic device for external application and its FDA clearance is in no way comparable to FDA approval of Propecia or any other prescription medicine. However, the news of the FDA clearance spread very fast and HairMax LaserComb soon became known as the third hair loss treatment in history approved by the FDA. But it was not approved. The difference between the clearance and FDA approval is that clearance mainly relates to safety. We do not know much about the product's efficacy since the results of the clinical study have not been released for public scrutiny yet. The manufacturers and marketers of HairMax LaserComb are not the only beneficiaries of this misunderstanding. There are many other less expensive, handheld laser devices that are riding on the wave of HairMax LaserComb's popularity.

Consumer reviews are mixed. It seems that the typical pattern of a consumer report is a great euphoria at the start of the treatment and diminishing commitment to continue after a few months of use. Very few patients seem to stick with this product for longer than six months. Although it is questionable whether this product can regrow lost hair, a number of people report improved shine and manageability of their hair and think their hair feels fuller, especially those with dry hair. Some patients have also noticed a reduction in their grey hair colour. The mechanism of HairMax LaserComb's action is not known but the consumer's short response time to the treatment poses the question of whether the changes are structural or only surface changes affecting the grown hair. Publication of clinical trial reports is expected to shed more light on the public debate about the efficacy of this treatment.


The HairMax LaserComb has recently been granted FDA clearance for the treatment of hereditary hair loss and promotion of hair growth in females. This is a newsworthy event, as HairMax is now the newest significant advancement in female hair loss in over 23 years. The HairMax LaserComb is the first and only home-use laser PhotoTherapy device with FDA clearance to safely and effectively treat hair loss and promote hair growth in males and females.

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