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Consumer Reviews of Min New York Agent

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By Steven from Denver, age 37, who has been using Min New York Agent for one year:

It took me a little bit to get how to apply this stuff because it is a lotion. What I do is apply it right after my shower with towel dried hair. It disappears that way no problem. With the results my hair is thicker and more dense since i've been using the Agent. My only complaint is that I used to be able to buy 3 at a time and they haven't been doing that promotion in a while.

  • Currently 5/5 Stars.

Agent by MiN review

By Chris from Boston, age 34, who has been using Min New York Agent for four months:

I have used Agent for a little more than 4 months now and I am more satisfied with the results than by using generic version of Rogaine. I am not exactly sure whether its the formula or the fact that its a lotion but I am getting better results for sure. Its worth a shot!

  • Currently 3/5 Stars.

Expensive minoxidil brand

By Terry from the US, age 44, who has been using Min New York Agent for five months:

At $36 a month, this product is an overpriced version of generic minoxidil. I used it for five months but am unable to judge if it was any better than the generic mixture containing minoxidil and azelaic acid I am using today. I understand that Min New York Agent is a more complex formula than most other minoxidil-based products but I am not sure that the additional benefit you get is worth the premium you pay. You would need to give it at least one year to see the difference. My biggest complaint about this product is its price.


Editor's Review Editor's Review of Min New York Agent

  • Currently 4/5 Stars.


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