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Procerin is, alongside Provillus and Revivogen, one of the best known and the most heavily-promoted, natural hair loss remedies in North America. It is men’s only formula, consisting of a topical lotion and supplement tablets. The main active ingredient in the supplement tablets, besides vitamin B6 (pyroxidine) and minerals (magnesium, zinc), is saw palmetto (1,500 mg of extract daily). Saw palmetto's potency in treating hair loss is usually compared with finasteride and it is often presented as its safe natural substitute. This claim is, however, unsubstantiated as no clinical proof exists that saw palmetto can be beneficial in treating baldness. Nevertheless, saw palmetto is used by hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of hair loss sufferers around the world.

Other ingredients, besides filling agents, include herbal extracts from gotu kola, nettle root, pumpkin seed oil, eleuthero root, uva ursi (bearberry) and muira puama (herbal aphrodisiac). The topical Procerin also consists of natural substances that are assumed to be able to block DHT, such as saw palmetto, nettle root, azelaic acid and substances rich in essential fatty acids, such as avocado oil, grape seed extract and gamma linolenic acid. None of the aforementioned natural substances has been clinically proven to be beneficial in treating baldness, whether in oral or in topical form.

Procerin has a strong presence on the web. There is no shortage of websites that review, promote and sell Procerin, while providing testimonials that are 100% supportive. In addition, there are plenty of Procerin customer reviews on the web with questionable credibility. Many of the testimonials sound too good to be true and are doing Procerin's reputation more harm than good. Hence, a great deal of caution is advised when interpreting reviews and testimonials from the web. Consumer reviews at amazon.com seem the most reasonable from those currently available, whereas a rip-off report by some dissatisfied customers may be useful reading too. This is a natural product that may or may not work. It is thought to be capable of slowing down hair loss rather than regrowing hair.

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  • Currently 2/5 Stars.

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