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Review of Re:nual Serum

Re:nual Serum

Re:nual serum is a new anti-gray hair product developed by the Japanese cosmetics giant Shiseido. It is supposed to slow down the graying process and restore hair's youthful texture while creating the optimal environment to grow healthy and lustrous hair. The product's 'before and after' pictures reveal a reduction of gray hair over a 32 week period. The improvement is not dramatic but clearly noticeable (said to be 50%). It is not known whether this improvement is due to the reduction in number of white hairs or a kind of optical illusion resulting from the new shine and more body that this product gives to the existing pigmented hair. White hair is naturally thicker in diameter and grows faster than normal pigmented hair and is thus more noticeable. Some consumers have reported that re:nual serum increased their hair growth speed and, if this increase were selective, affecting mainly the pigmented hairs while giving them more body, it could give the impression of there being less gray hair.

Re:nual serum is a herbal product consisting of panax ginseng, which is assumed to encourage healthy hair growth; Japanese sansho pepper, which is believed to slow the greying process; and hops extract thought to enhance hair's natural pigment. Both panax ginseng (or Asian ginseng) and hops extract are frequently used in other hair care products, mainly in natural hair loss remedies, ginseng for its assumed ability to improve blood circulation and as an antioxidant, and hops for their anti-bacterial properties. Employing Japanese sansho pepper (or Sichuan pepper) is a novelty, though it is a widely grown pepper used in Asian cuisine. However, neither sansho pepper nor panax ginseng or hops extract have ever been clinically proven to be beneficial either in promoting hair growth or reversing gray hair.

Re:nual serum is a new and quite expensive product and, therefore, consumer reviews are extremely rare. There are generic anti-gray hair treatments already commercially available (e.g. ReMelanil V2) that have included black sansho pepper from Japan in their formula but consumer reviews do not exist either. It will be interesting to see how many people will now start experimenting with applying sansho pepper to their hair and can later report on their success or lack of in reversing gray hair.

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