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Restoria is a progressive hair colorant that alters the colour of your gray hair over a period of two to three weeks, enabling you to avoid the embarrassment caused by a sudden change. It is simple to use and it requires no mixing or use of plastic gloves. You simply apply it where necessary to dry hair and comb through. After the desired colour has been achieved, it needs to be applied just twice a week. It is available as a lotion and a cream. Restoria used to contain lead acetate but it changed from lead acetate to bismuth citrate in order to avoid being considered potentially toxic. The new formula should continue to work in a similar fashion to the old one. The fact is, however, that bismuth citrate is also poisonous, though not as much as lead acetate, and new Restoria should be handled with the same care as any other hair colorant. For more information regarding the health risks associated with using metallic-based, progressive hair colorants, please refer to the post "Is Grecian Formula Safe?".

Restoria has been manufactured in Australia for more than 45 years and it can be found in pharmacies in many countries of the world. In spite of that, consumer reviews of Restoria are almost impossible to find. Restoria's mechanism of action is nearly identical to that of lead acetate-based, progressive hair colorants, such as Grecian formula, GreyBan and Youthair, and their consumer reviews might be indicative of its potency. Restoria is not the only progressive hair colorant that switched from lead acetate to bismuth citrate. Grecian is using bismuth citrate-based formula in some countries, too, but consumer reviews of the new formula seem pretty negative. Many consumers say it does not seem to work as good as the old version.

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