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Revivogen Consumer Reviews

  • Currently 1/5 Stars.

Horribly drying - it ruined my scalp!

By J from North Carolina, age 54, who has been using Revivogen shampoo for 4 months:

I had used their Clearogen before and loved it. It works - got rid of my acne. So when I noticed (or thought so anyway) that I was shedding too much hair, I ordered the Revivogen shampoo, conditioner, and leave on stuff. Within a few weeks my scalp was itching and burning, with pimples. Hair loss accelerated. Well, they tell you that will happen initially, for as long as 3 months. I emailed them about the itching and burning and they told me to use a tar shampoo every other day, but to be sure to keep using Revivogen! The burning and hair loss got worse and worse. I emailed them again and they again encouraged me to keep using the product. After 4 months I finally stopped. Well, 8 months later I'm still dealing with itching and burning. Went to a dermatologist, had a biopsy and it came back with "a crust over folliculitis". My prescriptions cost about $200 a month to try to deal with this. Almost a year after I started using this crap, my hair is more sparse than ever, and still itches! Apparently my scalp was so dried out that a bacterial infection moved in! Stay away from this stuff - I've read many accounts of it being overly drying. If you are using it and experience dryness and itching, STOP using the product as soon as the problem starts!! I should also mention that I've had NEVER had any itching, burning, dandruff or any such scalp disorder before using Revivogen.

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By BurgerKing from Australia, age 30, who has been using Revivogen shampoo for 3-5 months:

I have been losing so much hair on the top of my head. I bought this shampoo without conditioner for a try because they're too expensive. Its able to clean up the oil on my scalp but some hair loss during the shower. It makes my hair very dry.

By now, my hair still the same

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By Jim from Orange County, age 40, who has been using Revivogen for six months:

Reviovgen is a scam. Don't waste your money. You are better off ripping it up and throwing it in a trashbin. btw, does everybody know that Revivogen's owner was just recently convicted of fraud in the LA superior court?* Look it up if you don't know...

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  • Currently 1/5 Stars.

Big Zero

By Victor from the USA, age 42, who has been using Revivogen for two years:

Having used this product, a combination of shampoo, conditioner and liquid solution that has to be applied everyday for scalp, for almost 2 years is just a waste of time and money. I was intrigued to buy by its fascinating commercial on internet. With doubt I bought and gave a try regardless how big the amount of the money I spent. My effort to make my hair grow back never happens. No positive impact I've ever gained so far on my hair by using this product. I won't recommend it's only a big zero.

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Unpleasant stuff

By Greg, age 34, who has been using Revivogen for six months:

I have been using Revivogen system for six months, finishing my stock about a year ago. The shampoo and conditioner were OK but the liquid you are supposed to apply to your hair daily is unbearable. It feels oily, makes your hair sticky and does not enable you to style your hair. Its smell is so unbearable that you can only apply it a few hours before going to bed and then you stain your pillow case. I did not expect Revivogen to grow back my lost hair. This product did not make my condition any better or worse and I do not think this weird substance is worth the money and effort you have to put in.


Editor's Review Editor's Review of Revivogen

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