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Revivogen is one of the most popular and the most studied, natural hair loss products on the market today, although its marketing campaign appears to have been losing steam recently. It comes in the form of a topical formulation, supported by a shampoo and a conditioner. Revivogen should achieve best results in patients who are in the early stage of hair loss. It is expected to stop the further progression of baldness and to thicken the existing hair. Revivogen gives no promise of regrowth. It is suitable for use by men and women.

The main active ingredients in Revivogen are popular substances used in similar products such as vitamin B6, zinc, azelaic acid, grape seed extract (rich in essential fatty acids and procyanidins), beta-sitosterol and saw palmetto extract. Saw palmetto and beta-sitosterol are often presented as natural alternatives to finasteride but their effectiveness in treating hair loss has not yet been confirmed in any independent clinical trial. Although nobody can say whether they are effective in promoting new hair growth, they are very popular and frequently used in natural hair loss cures. Other key ingredients include alpha and gamma linolenic acid, oleic acid (essential fatty acids), procyanidin, vitamin B3 and tocopherol (antioxidant). Although many of the aforementioned substances make hair claims based on studies in rodents and in vitro, none of them has ever been clinically proven to treat baldness (except procyanidin).

One thing that makes Revivogen unique is its own patented delivery mechanism called transmerol follicular delivery system (TFDS). Spectral DNC is assumed to use a similar delivery mechanism. This new delivery system enhances the absorption of the active ingredients so that they penetrate the scalp deeply and access the hair follicle to maximise their efficacy. This therapy is thought to be suitable for patients who are in the early stage of baldness to halt hair loss and thicken hair.

Consumer reviews are plentiful but mixed. In all fairness it should be noted that many consumer reviews seem to be made up but at the same time some customers were put off simply because they did not like Revivogen being greasy, with no consideration given to its efficacy. Nevertheless, Revivogen appears to be one of the most scientifically-backed natural hair loss treatments available today.

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