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Rogaine Foam Review

Rogaine Foam

Rogaine foam is a relatively new form of minoxidil application and it is not yet very popular outside of the North America. It contains 5% of minoxidil, which is equivalent to Rogaine Extra Strength solution, so it is currently only available for use by men. Rogaine foam is claimed to be a superior delivery form of minoxidil. But in addition to being a more efficient form of delivery, it is also much easier to apply and dries quickly. It takes only a minute or two for it to dry, leaving hair nearly in the same condition as it was before. This is a great advantage over traditional Rogaine solution, which is greasy and needs two to three hours to dry completely, while leaving hair flaky and lighter in colour. But this is far from Rogaine foam's greatest benefit. It also contains no propylene glycol, propanol or glycerine; thus the risk of an allergic reaction to it is greatly minimised. Allergic reactions and redness caused by such vehicles have forced many patients to discontinue their use of either Rogaine or generic minoxidil solutions. If treatment is not discontinued, it can lead to more serious side effects, as discussed in more detail in the post "Rogaine, Regaine or Minoxidil".

Rogaine foam is thought to be a better form of delivery than Rogaine solution and thus more effective. It may not feel so, given its ease of application. Its future popularity will largely depend on its availability and pricing. Consumer reviews are not too plentiful so far but the great majority of them are positive, though some fine noses complain about the foam's bad odour. Consumer feedback at hair loss forums has also been quite positive so far.

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