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Tricomin Review


Tricomin is a hair-care product which has pioneered the use of copper peptides for treating thinning hair. It comes in the form of a spray and can be used by both men and women. Several other products now employ similar molecules to treat hair loss, with Folligen being the best known among them. The main active ingredient is a patented formula of triamino copper nutritional complex. Copper peptides are proven to be strong anti-inflammatories and help repair scalp damage. In addition, they are believed to be potent DHT inhibitors and thought to lengthen the growth cycle of hair.

Other active ingredients include essential amino acids and minerals. Tricomin is one of very few hair loss products that has been subjected to clinical testing in the US for FDA approval and reported positive growth effects. It was, though, withdrawn during Phase II as its manufacturer decided to release Tricomin as a cosmetic product. Tricomin can be viewed as a predecessor of a similar product called Folligen.

The manufacturer recommends using Tricomin as a complementary treatment to either minoxidil or finasteride. It is reasonable to assume that copper peptides could cure the redness and dandruff caused by minoxidil use. However, some consumers using Tricomin or Folligen complained about itchy scalps, although it is the opposite of what copper peptides are expected to do. It appears that there might be quite a few people out there allergic to copper and its compounds. Many users were also put off due to excessive flaking. Consumer reviews have been mixed so far but it seems that in some patients Tricomin helped thicken the hair, though very few cases of regrowth have been reported.

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