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In the words of Viviscal's marketer in the US, Viviscal hair growth products are a European hair care sensation. This is indisputably true when commenting on their marketing success, especially looking a few years back. Viviscal pills contain a highly-concentrated, marine protein, silica compounds and a natural form of vitamin C. It is well known that basic amino acids, fats and vitamins are essential for the growth of healthy hair. But Viviscal provides no conclusive answer to why their extra intake should help grow new hair in bald spots in otherwise healthy individuals. This product has traditionally been an overpriced supplement pill. Lifes2good has recently taken over the Viviscal brand. Viviscal has been also mentioned in the post - "Viviscal Helps Improve Helsinki Formula". Please note that the 'miracle' cures section has been discontinued, following confusing reader feedback, in order to avoid possible future misinterpretations.

Consumer reviews of Viviscal pills are mixed, as many of them seem fake and a number of consumers complain about the unreliable delivery services of the distributor rather than commenting on the effectiveness of the product itself. The author of this review has also stumbled over this expensive "cure". BTW, it does not taste as bad as many consumers say.

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