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Propecia is the only FDA-approved pill for hair loss and the most popular remedy used to treat male pattern baldness. The sole active ingredient of Propecia is finasteride and it is sold as generic Propecia, having the same effectiveness as the branded product. Finasteride is an antiandrogen, blocking the conversion of the male hormone testosterone into follicle-harming dihydrotestosterone (DHT), which is held to be the main cause of the hereditary form of hair loss. Finasteride can only be used by adult male patients.

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How Does Propecia/Finasteride Work?

The main active ingredient of Propecia is called finasteride. It is an antiandrogen drug that was originally used to treat benign prostatic hyperplasia (prostate enlargement). Its mechanism of action is to block 5 alpha-reductase, an enzyme responsible for converting the male hormone testosterone into DHT. DHT is thought to be the main cause of hereditary baldness, destroying and killing the affected hair follicles. So the result of using finasteride is to protect your hair follicles from DHT attacks. A regular dosage of generic Propecia can reduce the amount of DHT in the human body by up to 90%. If treatment with finasteride/Propecia is abandoned, the DHT levels rise and the balding process resumes.

Possible Side Effects of Propecia/Finasteride

Recognized side effects, experienced by less than 1% of patients, include lower libido, ejaculation disorders, weight gain and less often gynecomastia (breast gland enlargement). If such reactions occur, you are advised to interrupt the treatment and consult your doctor. Some patients skip the dose every second day in order to minimise the chances of side effects, yet still achieving good results. The side effects of finasteride/Propecia are frequently exaggerated, as sellers of natural hair loss treatments try to convince the consumer to buy their own presumably side-effects-free natural substitute for finasteride.

Applications and Dosage of Propecia/Finasteride

The recommended daily dose for treating hair loss is 1mg of finasteride, which is one pill daily. Finasteride is also used to treat prostate enlargement in doses 5 times the dose for hair loss and prostate cancer in doses 25 times those for hair loss. Increasing the daily dose over 1mg will not improve or speed up hair regrowth. Some hair loss patients, in order to save on costs, buy generic Proscar, which was designed to treat BPH (5mg finasteride pills) and cut them in five equal pieces. Finasteride can only be used by adult men.

The Difference Between Branded and Generic Propecia

Both generic and branded Propecia contain only one active substance, finasteride, with the same 1mg dose. There is no principal difference between the two in terms of the drug delivery system or the form of application, hence their efficacy is equal. The main difference is in the price, as the branded form is several times more expensive than the generic drug. The branded product is manufactured by Merck whereas generic pills are being produced by dedicated generics manufacturers. Therefore, the packaging, the shape and colour of the pills can differ, depending on the manufacturer.