A Dozen of Hair Loss Sufferer's Don'ts

  1. Do not believe you can recover all of your lost hair. Have realistic expectations. Good treatment enables you to maintain the hair you have remaining. The maximum improvement you can expect is to regain the hair you have lost in the last three years.
  2. Do not wait for too long. The later you start treating the baldness, the less successful your treatment will be. Do not let your follicles die. You need at least the vellus hair (peach fuzz) to start with.
  3. Do not start your treatment with unproven remedies. You are wasting your valuable time and money. Start with clinically proven medicinal treatments and only start experimenting if they do not work or you cannot put up with their side effects.
  4. Do not rush to try the latest unique products. Wait for independent product reviews. Be sceptical of secret proprietary formulas and products with far too many active substances.
  5. Do not trust the before and after pictures on product websites. They are easy to fake. And needles to say, do not read the testimonials of delighted customers. They are a waste of your time.
  6. Do not believe that the extra intake of vitamins, minerals and nutritional supplements or a change in your diet can increase your hair density. They can, though, improve the quality of your hair.
  7. Do not let others discourage you. If possible, check whether the person providing negative feedback on a proven treatment is really suffering from male or female pattern baldness and was applying it correctly.
  8. Do not be too scared of using medicinal treatments. You probably are not among the 0.5% of the population that will lose their sex drive from finasteride or grow additional facial hair because of minoxidil.
  9. Do not believe that natural products are safer than proven medicine. Very few of them have ever been subjected to rigorous clinical testing and therefore their side effects are unknown.
  10. Do not try to speed up the process by overdosing or using multiple treatments at the same time. Be consistent and patient. You will not see any positive results earlier than four months after starting a new treatment. Unless you are suffering from side effects, you should not drop your treatment earlier than in six months.
  11. Do not tell everybody you are beginning to treat your baldness. Tell only the people you live with. If your treatment is successful, people will notice and will comment. Such positive feedback can be extremely motivating.
  12. Do not overreact to shedding by discontinuing the treatment. Do not count every single hair you lose. Remember, you are not balding because your hair is falling out, but because it is getting finer and thinner with every hair's life cycle until it is not being replaced by another hair at all.