Non-Chemical Hair Loss Treatments

LOW-LEVEL LASER THERAPY is a technology that has been in use for several years to accelerate healing and hair growth after hair transplant surgery. It returned to the spotlight in February 2007 as Lexington International got its own miniaturised version, named HairMax LaserComb, cleared by the FDA for the promotion of hair growth in males. This clearance has been awarded due to Lexington’s ability to demonstrate equivalence of its miniaturised version with old stationary laser hoods. The FDA clearance should not be confused with FDA approval as clearance mainly relates to safety. There are other laser combs on the market that are less expensive than Lexington International's HairMax and which claim to be as effective, but none of them has received FDA clearance for promoting hair growth. LaserComb is said to work by dilating blood vessels and increasing the blood supply to hair follicles, thus encouraging hair to grow. There is some discussion of the quality of scientific data of the clinical study as only sparse data is available because the study has not been released to public scrutiny. No reliable independent research has been done yet to confirm the study results claimed by Lexington International. Nonetheless, this miniature laser device should be as effective and safe in healing small scalp injuries and promoting hair growth as the large stationary hoods you normally see in hair transplant clinics.

SCALP EXERCISE was developed and promoted by a lifelong hair loss researcher, T. Hagerty. This exercise is accomplished by the alternating contraction of the facial muscles. According to its creator, it quickens the blood flow to the scalp area, strengthens the walls of the capillaries that nourish the hair follicles and increases the flexibility and elasticity of the whole scalp. These three things should halt the shrinking of the hair follicles and even reverse the shrinking process, which in turn should halt hair loss and promote the growth of new hair. Doing this difficult exercise for a minimum of 10 minutes daily requires a high degree of obsession with one’s hair. Nonetheless, it is one of many unproven hair loss remedies that probably will not work but which does not cost anything but the time and effort.