About GreyHairLoss.com

GreyHairLoss.com is an information platform dedicated to fighting premature grey hair and hereditary baldness. The website functions independently, in that it is neither associated with nor financially backed by any professional association, clinic, product manufacturer or distributor and private funds of its founder are the only source of funding it can draw on to finance its existence. The founder of this platform is a premature grey hair and hair loss sufferer himself, who knows at first hand how difficult it is to find reliable and unsponsored information about hair treatments. Therefore, a platform was established with one goal in mind, which is to present balanced and unbiased views, free from economic interests and to enable readers to help each other by sharing their own experiences.

The aim is to offer guidance to people who are seeking to expand their knowledge of the available treatment options for grey hair and baldness and to help them steer clear of nonsense. The advice given here is more about don'ts than dos, as there are too many hair loss and grey hair cures promoted on the web and filtering out nonsense is a real science. Since no one ever died from pills and lotions used to treat baldness and grey hair, some unscrupulous firms will sell you anything. Moreover, many doctors, pharmacies and popular hair loss websites, in the pursuit of their own economic interests, promote and sell useless rubbish. You will learn here that there is only a handful of meaningful options available.

This website gives you a basic overview of grey hair and hair loss causes and cures, and useful tips on how to identify snake oil. Knowledge of the active ingredients of any treatment is the key to understanding its potential. GreyHairLoss.com lists and analyses the active ingredients of commercial products for treating grey hair and hair loss and gathers expert opinions on their efficacy. Use this website as a point of reference in your own research and visit GreyHairLoss blog to read reviews of commercial hair care products. You are encouraged to help expand this knowledge base by rating and reviewing the products you have used. Once on the blog, you can do it by clicking the "REVIEW IT" button in the horizontal navigation bar and writing a consumer review.

GreyHairLoss.com also provides a review of hair transplant options if you want to progress further in achieving a more dramatic change in your appearance. Please note that hair transplantation should only be considered at least one year after successfully managing your hair loss with non-surgical treatment. You have to find a non-surgical treatment that works for you - you will need it to maintain your original hair after the hair transplantation.

Although it pays to educate oneself, the information on this website should not be used for the purpose of medical diagnosis and treatment. It is strongly recommended that you seek personal professional advice. The information obtained here should equip you for an informed discussion with your doctor. We have doctors to advise us but we patients must make decisions ourselves. Make sure you take an informed decision.