About This Blog

All of us who suffer from hair loss or premature grey hair know at first hand how difficult it is to find an effective product. Although no ultimate cures for these two conditions exist, certain treatments can be more suitable than others. Most of us have tried some commercial hair product in the past, with varying degrees of success, but only a few of us have let the world know of our independent consumer view. The main purpose of this platform is to convince hair-loss and grey-hair sufferers to share their experiences of the treatments they have used. This resource does not intend to promote any product or therapy, although it is often impossible to reject those opinions suspected of being composed by product marketers and avoid publishing biased views. This blog was established in order to enable real consumers to share their experiences by writing consumer reviews on any product or therapy they have used. Just click on the "REVIEW IT" button, which you can find on the top of each webpage, and fill in the form. Please use this function to warn other readers about 'snake oils' and to recommend treatments that you have found effective. You are also encouraged to share your success stories, which may include a mix of treatments that you have used and thus cannot be described in a single product review. In such instances please use the regular contact form. The scope of this blog is not limited to reviewing topical and oral hair treatments. If you have had a hair transplant, you are very welcome to leave a comment too. Just type in "hair transplant" in the "Name of the Product" box of the "REVIEW IT" contact form.

The information collected at this website should enable you to better assess the suitability and the potential efficacy and safety of hair treatments that you intend to buy. In addition to collecting consumer reviews of hair treatments, this blog exists to bring you the latest news and the editor's reviews of hair therapies, which can serve as an additional valuable source of information in your quest for the most suitable remedy for your current condition. Although it pays to educate oneself, the information on this blog should not be used for the purpose of medical diagnosis and treatment. It is strongly recommended that you seek personal professional advice. The knowledge obtained here should equip you for an informed discussion with your doctor. We have doctors to advise us but we patients must make decisions ourselves. Make sure you take an informed decision.