Aderans's Hair Regeneration Project Entered Phase II Clinical Testing

Aderans, the main competitor of the financially-struggling market leader in the area of hair regeneration, Intercytex, has recently launched a Phase II clinical study on cell-based hair regeneration for men and women. Hair regeneration, also known as hair multiplication, hair cloning or follicular neogenesis, is a technique which consists of eliciting new hair growth using a person’s own hair-forming cells, which are placed in the bald area of the scalp. During a conventional procedure, doctors will remove a small amount of tissue. Hair-forming cells will be extracted and allowed to multiply under controlled conditions. After enough new cells have formed, they will be injected into the scalp. Eventually, the person will receive many more hair-forming cells than were taken from the scalp. Hence, this method overcomes the main limiting factor of hair transplant surgery, which is the shortage of donor hair. At the moment, Aderans is hiring people to participate in its clinical study in six US cities. Bosley, the largest chain of hair transplant clinics in the US is directly involved in Aderans and its research. In addition, Bosley holds an option to negotiate an exclusive distribution agreement for another similar product, named ICX-TRC, developed by Intercytex. This option can be exercised upon completion of the phase II clinical trial.

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