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There is probably no other hair loss product today that has caused so much controversy as Avacor. It has been the focus of legal wrangling, media attention and reporting for several years now. The brand Avacor, previously sold by a company called Global Vision is now sold by Avacor Products LLC; with the Avacor brand assets having been purchased out of bankruptcy court in late 2008. Avacor Products LLC has both new owners and managers who have updated their ANDA (Abbreviated New Drug Application) with the FDA, allowing them to continue to sell the topical Avacor Physicians Formulation.

Avacor is a set of several hair care products, whereas the topical formulation called Avacor's Physicans Formulation is the one that is supposed to hold the key to regrowing hair. The Avacor Physicians Formulation contains one of only two FDA approved treatments for hair loss - minoxidil (the other being finasteride) and the only FDA approved hair loss treatment for women. Minoxidil was the first substance approved by the FDA in the US to treat male pattern baldness and it has since been approved by the equivalent health authorities in many other countries of the world. Due to the inclusion of minoxidil in both 2% and 5% strengths, the Avacor topical solution (the Avacor Physicians Formulation) is suitable for both men and women.

The Avacor All Natural Nutricap is a dietary supplement. The main active ingredient in nutritional capsules is a full dose (160mg twice a day) of saw palmetto. Saw palmetto's potency in treating hair loss is usually compared with finasteride and it is often presented as its safe natural alternative. However, this claim seems unsubstantiated as nobody really knows whether saw palmetto can help treat baldness. In spite of this, it is the most popular ingredient in natural hair loss remedies. Other ingredients include Resveratrol (grape seed extract rich in essential fatty acids and procyanidins), ginkgo biloba and bilberry. None of these herbs and fruits (except procyanidin) has been clinically proven to be beneficial in treating baldness.

Avacor consumer reviews are few and mixed. In summary, Avacor is the combination of a proven medicinal treatment represented by its topical (minoxidil) and assumed natural DHT blockers contained in the capsules and at 50 dollars a month it is not inexpensive, considering how much plain minoxidil and dietary supplements cost if bought separately.

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