A Quick Update on Bimatoprost Hair Loss Study

Bimatoprost, a glaucoma treatment that has been recently approved for lengthening and thickening eyelashes (Latisse) is currently being studied for its topical use in promoting hair growth in patients affected by hereditary hair loss. Preliminary reports from laboratory tests with human hair sound encouraging. It has been reported that the topical use of bimatoprost can make hairs grow faster and longer and can prolong their growth phase.

These positive findings may soon result in a clinical trial beginning. Even if everything goes smoothly, it will take several years before this treatment can be approved for treating hair loss on the scalp. Therefore, some hair restoration doctors, as well as some patients, are already experimenting with the topical use of bimatoprost and the first reports are largely positive. One of the obstacles at the moment seems the relatively high cost of Latisse (eyelashes treatment) which is ridiculous when compared with the cost of generic bimatoprost 0.03% from Allergan, used to treat glaucoma. Nevertheless, this is one of the ongoing developments in the area of hair loss research to keep an eye on.

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