Bosley Taking Over as the Market Leader in Hair Regeneration Research

Aderans Research Institute, an affiliate of Bosley and one of a few research units in the world involved in exploring hair regeneration (also known as hair cloning) has recently announced that it acquired the key research assets of its main competitor, Intercytex, one of the market leaders in the area of hair regeneration. This news was not unexpected as Bosley held an option to negotiate an exclusive distribution agreement for ICX-TRC, a new hair regeneration therapy being developed by Intercytex. Besides that, Intercytex put itself up for sale at the beginning of last year following the failure of a Phase III study of its leading project, involving Cyzact. Bosley was expected to get involved, which finally happened through its affiliate Aderans Research Institute, a subsidiary of Aderans Holdings Company of Japan, the world’s largest wig manufacturer. Bosley, through Aderans, has thus solidified its position as the leading research company in the area of hair regeneration. The acquired assets only include assets related to the research into ICX-TRC hair regeneration therapy. Intercytex was also involved in two other areas of medical research but these assets are being dealt with separately. This acquisition comes at a time when Aderans Research Institute is extending its own Phase II study of hair regeneration after it recently treated the trial's 100th subject. Intercytex's own study of ICX-TRC is also at the late stage of Phase II.

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