Choosing the Best Product for Your Greying Hair

Given the current medicinal options, it is not possible to reverse the colour of your grey hair naturally. Although there are a number of products that derive their anti-grey hair effects from Ayurveda, traditional Chinese medicine or homeopathy, all of them have one thing in common and that is they are not effective for the great majority of grey hair sufferers and were made to earn money for their originators rather than to reverse grey hair. The only remaining effective option for changing the colour of your grey hair is to cover it. You can colour your hair either with hair dyes or progressive hair colorants. Both hair dyes and progressive hair colorants use chemicals that in some individuals can cause allergies. Hair dyes can be temporary, semi-permanent, demi-permanent or permanent, depending on the durability of their coverage, which goes hand in hand with their aggressiveness. The longer-lasting hair dyes need to penetrate deeper into the hair shaft, which makes them more destructive to your hair. The colour change with all hair dyes is sudden and they colour all your hair – white and pigmented alike.

Progressive hair colorants, as their name says, colour your hair gradually and unnoticeably and enable you to keep some of your hair grey, to look more natural. They are the preferred option for all those who seek a discrete solution for covering their greying hair. They are typically less aggressive to your hair than durable forms of hair dyes. Some progressive hair colorants use metallic salts and some are organic based. The most recommended products in this category are Re-Nature, which uses organic chemicals, and GreyBan. GreyBan is sold worldwide in two versions – the older version, which uses lead acetate, and a new, improved product that employs bismuth citrate and is, therefore, considered a safer option. The most recommended product among hair dyes is Touch of Gray that works stepwise, which makes it similar to progressive hair colorants.

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