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Crinagen is a water-based, all-natural mixture that comes in the form of a topical scalp spray. It has been used by men and women to treat hereditary baldness for more than ten years now. The two most powerful components of Crinagen are proanthocyanidins and azelaic acid. Both of them have been shown in small independently unverified studies to either promote hair growth or inhibit DHT but their actual efficacy in treating hereditary baldness in humans is unknown. Other active ingredients include niacin (one of the main active substances of a popular hair scam from the 1980s - Helsinki formula), zinc, vitamin B6, ginkgo biloba, essential fatty acids and saw palmetto. Saw palmetto, though not clinically proven to promote hair growth, is by far the most popular active ingredient used in natural hair loss products these days.

Crinagen is not being sold through the usual distribution channels typical for similar products, such as Amazon and Folica. As a result, there are no consumer reviews of Crinagen available other than a few statements at hair loss forums. There seem to be several dedicated users of Crinagen who continue buying the product as they believe it is helping them maintain their existing hair count. It is neither proven nor promised that Crinagen can regrow lost hair. Crinagen lacks the heavy promotion of Provillus & Co. and thus sells at a significantly lower price than most of its natural peers.

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