• Currently 4/5 Stars.

Emerge for Men Hair Enhancer Consumer Reviews

  • Currently 4/5 Stars.

EMERGE For Men Hair Enhancer

By Brian from NY, age 38, who has been using Emerge for Men Hair Enhancer for three months:

I am a middle aged man with typical male pattern baldness (thinning on the crown of my head, some receding of the hair line). To add "insult to injury", the remaining hair I do have is starting to turn gray. Now, I am not really interested in surgery, and I have tried Rogaine, but needed to stop when my wife was pregnant, so I just resolved myself to losing my hair gracefully. However, the dawn of hair loss concealers has been a real boost for people like myself, as I can hide the appearance of hair loss quickly and easily. I ended up trying a few different products (mainly the sprinkle fibers), but found that a little messy and difficult to apply on my own (remember, it's the back of my head that's balding). The product I found to work best is EMERGE For Men Hair Enhancer. It comes in a small tube, with a brush, and it can be applied to the hair / scalp without any mess. The product "thickens" the thinning hair and can also darken the scalp to further conceal the balding patches. It's waterproof as well, so there's no risk of it running if you sweat or if it rains (trust me, I sweat a lot, it doesn't run). I can't say the same about other products - some of them will run, and that's pretty embarrassing to me. If there's a complaint, it's that I went through the tube rather quickly. It sells for about $15.00, and I used it in about 3 weeks. If you want to try something different in a concealer, give them a try!


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