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Eucapil Consumer Reviews

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Extremely dangerous product

by Barry from Riekand, age 40, who has been using Eucapil for one month:

I used this product and when a drop spilled on my eye, it immediately caused inflammation which developed into severe meibomian gland disease and has persisted to this day 37 months later. Also it cause severe burning scalp and systemic side effects. It is the most dangerous product I have used in my life.

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Eucapil works

by dana, age 17, who has been using Eucapil for 11 months:

i ve been using it and it works. before using it i was losing hair, much hair, now i lose hair normally 50-100. i was at a doctor before who recomended it to me and i am glad that my hair is ok now and i am not losing it as i was before. :)

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Sweating makes it ineffective

by petrklic from Prague Czech Republic, age 29, who has been using Eucapil for 6 months:

After about three months of applying Eucapil every other day, each time waiting for one hour after washing my hair, I have noticed small colourless hairs growing at my temples and alongside my hairline. This growth was, however, preceded by increased shedding, which started about two months into the treatment and my existing hair began losing its colour, becoming as colourless as my newly grown baby hairs. After about four months on Eucapil, my hair on top became noticeably lighter in colour than the remaining hair, dandruff appeared and after another month, in July, I started losing my newly-grown, colourless hair. One of the weaknesses of this therapy is that water destroys Eucapil’s main active substance and sweating makes it ineffective. I have replaced Eucapil with generic minoxidil this summer.


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