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Eucapil is a topical cosmetic application that is supposed to halt the balding process and promote regrowth in healthy hair follicles. Eucapil uses fluridil as its sole active ingredient. Fluridil is a novel anti-androgen that can be used by both men and women and should be applied only once daily. The main difficulty in applying Eucapil is the fact that it reacts with water and quickly disintegrates. Therefore, it cannot be used as a supplementary treatment to other water-based treatments. Sweating can also significantly reduce its effectiveness. Eucapil is rich in alcohol and some consumers complain that its continued use makes their hair weak and colourless. The problem with the science behind this product is that it has not been independently verified yet.

The product has been on sale for only a couple of years now and consumer reports are only available at a few hair loss forums. They are mixed at best. There is almost no patient claiming to have regrown terminal hair with Eucapil. The best result one can expect from this product seems to be halting of the balding process and regrowing some very fine vellus hair.

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