Five Major Rules to Follow When Treating Hair Loss

1) Start early

The greatest mistake many hair loss patients make is denying they are suffering from hair loss. Typically you have to lose about 50% of your hair in the thinning area to notice that you are balding. Many sufferers are extremely pessimistic about being able to regrow lost hair and do not want to try anything. Only after they have lost a substantial portion of their hair do they realise they are looking older than their age and decide to try something. But reversing hair loss is a lot more difficult task and takes much longer to register results than halting the further progression of baldness.

2) Start with proven remedies

Most hair loss sufferers begin approaching their problem cautiously. They get scared by proven medicinal products, such as finasteride and minoxidil, because of the many negative reviews regarding their alleged side effects. This is a catch used by the marketers of various hair scams who spread stories about the negative side effects of medicinal treatments in order to lure you in to their scam. As a result many people decide to begin with natural alternatives. This usually wastes their time and they keep losing further hair. It is very strongly recommended to start with proven medicinal remedies and try alternative treatments only as a support therapy or if medicinal drugs have failed or caused side effects. The chances of medicinal products actually causing negative side effects are typically less than one percent.

3) Take pictures of your scalp

Since most hair loss sufferers do not believe they can really regrow lost hair, they do not take any pictures of their scalp at the beginning of their treatment. Thus, whether things are improving or not, they have no old photos for later comparisons and cannot evaluate the effectiveness of their treatment.

4) No Overdosing or Using Multiple Treatments Simultaneously

Another common mistake is overdosing and using multiple treatments simultaneously. If you want to try different things, do not start applying them all at the same time. Any treatment requires a minimum of four months to kick in and you should allow it at least six months to deliver results. Please note that overdosing will not speed up or improve results either but it can lead to the emergence of negative side effects. Be consistent and patient.

5) Do Not Overreact to Shedding

Do not overreact to shedding by discontinuing the treatment. You are not balding because your hair is falling out, but because it is getting finer and thinner with every hair's life cycle until it is not replaced by another hair at all. Shedding is often a good sign, telling you that the new treatment is working. Hair follicles must shed the old thin fibre, in order to rearrange themselves and start producing thicker hair. Get over it and you will most likely be rewarded.

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