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Follicare is a hair loss treatment, consisting of four applications: topical spray, nutritional supplements, revitalising shampoo and 5% minoxidil lotion. This complex structure makes it appear more valuable than a single treatment. Follicare, like many other hair loss products, combines the benefits of the FDA-approved medicinal treatment - minoxidil - with potential gains from herbal extracts and nutritional supplements. This treatment is designed for both men and women, but for women it comes with 2% minoxidil lotion. The main active ingredients, besides minoxidil (a hair growth stimulant), include saw palmetto, beta-sitosterol, zinc, Fo-Ti, stinging nettle and pumpkin seed extract (rich in essential fatty acids), all of them assumed natural dihydrotestosterone (DHT) blockers. Follicare also contains natural vasodilators such as benzyl nicotinate, niacin (one of the main active substances of a popular hair scam from the 1980s - Helsinki formula), rosemary and ginkgo biloba. The vasodilators are believed to help promote blood flow and the supply of nutrients to the scalp. Other relevant ingredients include Procapil formula, caffeine, copper, vitamins B and soothing extracts from aloe vera, sage and chamomile that should fight possible inflammation of the scalp.

Follicare (not to be confused with Folicure) has been on sale since 1996 but there are only a few independent consumer reviews available and they seem quite negative. In summary, Follicare is not much different from Provillus, Avacor or Scalp Med and their customer reviews might be used to help asses the potency of Follicare and vice versa. If nothing else does the trick in this formula, minoxidil should help a little.

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