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Grecian Formula Review

Grecian Formula

Grecian formula is one of the best-known, hair colorants for men. It comes in three forms: liquid, cream and foam. Its main advantage over conventional hair dyes is that it changes the hair colour gradually, which makes the change less noticeable. Grecian formula has the ability to replace lost melanin with a similar-acting, metallic-based pigment (metallic salt such as lead sulphide). This pigment is produced by the two active ingredients - lead acetate and sulphur. You can regain just the right amount of lost colour by applying Grecian formula until your desired shade has been achieved. From then on, you only need to apply it two to three times a week to maintain the restored colour. Grecian formula contains lead acetate, which is a poisonous substance. However, there is no proof whatsoever that lead or any lead compound contained in hair colouring products can be absorbed through the skin. Lead acetate-related, health issues have been discussed in more detail in the post "Is Grecian Formula Safe?". Grecian has been on the market for over 45 years now, with only one major change to its formula so far as discussed later. There are several other products out there that mimic Grecian formula. However, Grecian was not the first product to use metallic salts to colour hair, as this technique has been known for more than a century.

Consumer reviews of Grecian formula are relatively positive. Most consumers give it credit for effectiveness but often complain about its bad chemical odour. The foam is considered by many consumers to be the most convenient form of application. Grecian works better on fine hair that is lighter in colour than on dark, coarse hair. Certain consumer complaints do not seem reasonable, though. Some consumers put Grecian formula on at night and wash it off in the morning and then complain that the product does not work. This is not the way it should be used. You have to leave it on for a couple of days in order to allow it time to work. One helpful tip for people who wash their hair every morning might be to apply it in the evening and to cover your hair with a plastic bag for one hour to prevent fast drying and then remove the bag and let your hair dry naturally.

A few years ago, Grecian introduced a new, improved formula in some countries, changing from lead acetate to bismuth citrate, in order to avoid their products being considered potentially hazardous. Although the new formula applies the same principle as the traditional product, consumer reviews seem pretty negative. Many consumers say it does not seem to work nearly as good as the old formula.

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