Grey Hair – Three Most Frequently Asked Questions

1) What is the best treatment for reversing grey hair?

Premature grey hair can be a result of various medical conditions such as vitiligo, anaemia, chronic vitamin B deficiency, thyroid imbalance, alopecia areata, excessive stress, etc., but most often it is genetically determined. If you are not sure about the cause of you grey hair you need to consult your doctor. In the case that your grey hair is caused by one of the aforementioned medical conditions, addressing the causes can lead to the prevention of further greying. If your grey hair is genetically determined or caused by normal aging, there is relatively little you can do to prevent it. Current medicinal science does not know any medicine, herb, vitamin or therapy that can effectively bring back your original hair colour or halt the greying process. B vitamins, especially PABA and folic acid, are often mentioned as effective anti-grey hair vitamins but they have only been observed to help people with vitamin B deficiency and only those whose deficiency was caused by bad diet, and that is only a small percentage of premature grey hair sufferers. A number of commercial products claim to reverse grey hair but the evidence of their effectiveness is typically anecdotal. Hence, referring to the above, the only available treatment for natural greying is to cover your grey hair. You can either use a regular hair dye or a progressive hair colorant.

2) What options do I have to cover my white hair?

You can use regular hair dyes or progressive hair colorants to cover your white hair. If you wish to change the colour of your hair discretely and unnoticeably, a progressive hair colorant is the more suitable option of the two. The two most recommended products on this site are Re-Nature and GreyBan. Please note that this website is not associated with any product manufacturer or marketer and this recommendation was made purely on the basis of evaluating consumers experiences and the available factual data. However, it is important to note that progressive hair colorants are less effective in covering white hair than permanent hair dyes and, therefore, they have to be applied more frequently, which makes them a more expensive option. Secondly, progressive hair colorants will not cover all of your white hair, so use them only if you want to keep some of your hair grey. They work great if you use them selectively to target only certain areas. And lastly, progressive hair colorants work gradually for several days after being applied until you wash them off and some of them continue working even after the hair has been shampooed. As for hair dyes, they can be temporary, semi-permanent, demi-permanent and permanent, depending on the durability of their coverage. The best choice amongst them for covering grey hair are permanent hair dyes. However, hair dyes do not allow you to target only certain areas, they cover all your hair, white and pigmented, and do their work immediately as you apply them.

3) Where in the US (North America) can I buy Re-Nature?

Re-Nature is currently not available in stores and pharmacies in either USA or Canada. It can only be ordered from overseas. It is readily available in online pharmacies in Australia and Germany, where it can be ordered for delivery to North America. No evidence has been found that Henkel (owner of the Schwarzkopf brand) has applied for regulatory approval in the US or Canada yet. There is no reason to believe that registering this product could be a difficult regulatory issue, as Re-Nature has been approved in Australia, New Zealand and in many countries of the European Union, and some of them have very strict rules on allowing the use of harmful chemicals in consumer products and are known for banning lead acetate from cosmetics. Hence, the date when this product could become available for distribution in North America cannot be reasonably estimated.

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