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a question

By Dee Ann from PA, age 56, who has been using GrayBan for one week consistently but off and on for three years:

Is this the same product that has been reviewed by a few? Mine is spelled with an a (Grayban) but the review used an e. Mine is made by Verseo.

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Worth Trying...

By Roberta from New Jersey, age 68, who has been using GrayBan for six months:

I have been using GreyBan for 6 months. Before GreyBan, I used every kind of hair dye available. I have a lot of red in my hair and found all products brassy. However, after letting my natural gray/brown grow in, I tried GreyBan. It is the best product I have every used on my hair. It colors it to complement my skin color. In addition, it ads shine and body. Plus, it doesn't change as you shampoo it. I'm using it twice a week to maintain the natural honey blonde. My only problem is the ODOR. It takes several washings to destroy the odor.

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It really works!

By Kurt, age 48, who has been using GrayBan for one month:

I had rather fine, brown/blonde hair which had been progressively graying over the past 5 years. A month ago, my hair was from 50-60% gray . . . until I used GrayBan! It started to work within a few days and, by day 21, it was almost 100% effective! I only have a few strands of gray hair now - no more than when I was in my 30's. Basically, no one would look at me now and think, "he has gray hair." It's very effective, however, it works gradually during the 3 week period. It won't look like an overnight dye job. It has only a faint perfume-like smell. But nothing unmanly, no more than a shampoo would have. It does make your hair look and feel a touch greasy, so you may want to put it on at night, unless you like the "Fonzie" look. Then wash it out in the morning. But unlike old-fashioned hair grease, it won't stain your pillow. The only minor complaint is that the directions say to "drench" the hair with (I forget) something like 3-4 squirts. Actually, you need to squirt the bottle at least 10 times to drench the hair. Yet, I am still not quite finished with the first bottle after a month and have ordered two more. It is well worth the cost, because it not only restores your hair color, it restores your confidence. Went to the barber today and it was so nice not to see gray hairs falling to the floor as she clipped!

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Do not expect it to work 100%

By Alistair, age 51, who has been using GreyBan for six months:

Greyban is definitely better than Grecian, which I tried earlier, but not as good as I expected from the positive reviews I read. I am applying it every second day and it covers only about 50% of my gray. I can only recommend it to people who started graying relatively recently. This product is quite expensive when compared with hair dyes and requires a bigger commitment, so if you want to cover all your gray use a permanent hair dye.

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Grayban worked Miracles

By Debi from Massachusetts, age 48, who has been using GreyBan for two weeks:

First of all I have baby fine strawberry blonde hair. Since the color of my hair is almost impossible to duplicate out of a bottle, I was unable to use over the counter hair dyes. Even professional salons could not duplicate my hair color. I was so glad to find something that would return my hair color to it's once beautiful glory and hide the impeding gray. I say results after only two treatments! It does leave your hair looking like it's greasy. So I apply it only at night and then I can wash my hair the next morning. This gives it time to work it's magic. It's great that my hair now looks like it did when I was in my teens and twentys! I would definitely recommend this anyone with fair colored hair, it works great!!

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Having continued success

By Nick, age 51, who has been using GreyBan for one year:

I had been using Grecian formula before trying GreyBan. It had worked for me but it became seemingly less effective after many years of continued use. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that GreyBan does a better job of blending white hair with my remaining dark brown hair. It seems to work better for brownish hair, whereas Grecian is more suitable for shades of black. But GreyBan should not be expected to dye all your hair in one application. It needs to be applied regularly and will never cover all your white hair. My worst areas of white are on the sides and some of the hairs there never grow dark. I give it only four stars because it needs to be applied at least twice a week which is much less convenient than using a permanent hair dye.


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