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GreyBan is a popular hair colorant that is, unlike regular hair dyes, supposed to colour your white hair gradually and unnoticeably. Its mode of action and composition are similar to such grey hair products as Grecian formula, Restoria and Youthair. It comes in the form of a spray. The original formula contains lead acetate as its main active ingredient, which coats and penetrates the hair shaft, to be then converted, as the hair dries, to form a lead-based pigment (lead sulphide). Lead acetate is a poisonous substance and, although it is does not penetrate the skin when applied topically, you need to handle it with care to avoid your fingers coming into contact with your lips and mouth. Therefore, a new formula has recently been introduced, replacing lead acetate with bismuth citrate. Bismuth citrate works by the same mode of action as lead acetate but its health risk profile is far better.

Consumer reviews seem quite positive, though some users say GreyBan does not colour their hair completely, which is a common complaint about all metallic-based hair colorants. Interestingly, nobody seems to complain about the smell of GreyBan, which happens to be the most frequent complaint with similar products. There are also no negative consumer reviews related to the poor effectiveness of the new formula, as there are with Grecian formula. It appears that GreyBan's transition from lead acetate to bismuth citrate has been far less painful than that of Grecian. This is a standard hair colorant that should work well for people with fine hair in lighter shades but do not expect it to colour all your grey hair if more than 50% of it is naturally grey or if it is coarse and very dark. People with red or deep brown hair may not get satisfactory results either.

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