Hair Dyes vs Progressive Hair Colorants

Most of us have tried various remedies to reverse grey hair naturally but typically with little or no success, especially those who have a substantial amount of white hair. For most grey hair sufferers the only remaining effective option is to change the colour of their existing hair. This can be achieved either by dyeing their hair or applying progressive hair colorants. Although there is no clear dividing line between hair dyes and progressive hair colorants, the latter are supposed to be a more subtle method of changing hair colour. It is often thought that women prefer dyeing their hair, which gives them complete coverage of their grey, whereas men tend to reach for progressive hair colorants. However, women often ask whether progressive hair colorants are also suitable for them. These products might have been originally designed for men but they can be used by both genders. They are suitable for anybody who wishes to cover their white hair discretely but leave some of their hair grey. However, anyone who opts to use these products should be aware of certain facts.

Progressive hair colorants will hardly ever cover all your white hair - they work slowly and, therefore, have to be applied more frequently than hair dyes, which makes their use more expensive and laborious. Most of them work only on shades of black and blond and are thus not suitable for red or reddish-brown hair. They are different from permanent hair dyes in that they are usually less stable and thus you have to periodically reapply them also on areas that have already been covered. Washing hair frequently significantly reduces their effectiveness. A number of negative consumer reviews regarding progressive hair colorants stem from the false expectations of their users. Some consumers expect these products to cover all their grey areas and to work immediately. Progressive hair colorants were not designed to do the work of permanent hair dyes. Use them only if you wish to reduce the amount of your grey and you want to do it slowly and unnoticeably and be prepared to reapply them frequently.

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