Have You Ever Been the Victim of a Hair Scam?

It is an accepted fact that at least 90% of all hair loss products available on the market today are a scam. However, this general knowledge does not prevent many of us from falling into the same old marketing trap and buying some. Billions of dollars spent annually on useless rubbish confirm this statement. Although some hair frauds have been brought to court, most of the fraudulent businesses continue as usual. But how is it possible that hundreds of thousands of hair loss sufferers from all corners of the world get caught every year, year after year? Do they sue anybody or, if nothing else works, do they at least complain and spread their word? The vast majority of them don't. They are happy if they can recover at least a small fraction of their initial investment through any money-back guarantee and are too ashamed to tell anybody of their bad experience, whereas others blame themselves for not adhering to the instructions provided by the manufacturer and accept their own responsibility for failure. And after all, buying a useless, six-month, hair loss treatment does not ruin you financially, anyway.

It is not easy to draw a dividing line between a hair scam and a product sold with good intentions but which fails to live up to your expectations. Very often consumers fail to follow instructions and abandon their treatment when it is yet too early to tell whether it is working. But many of us have tried a product and followed all the instructions religiously and seen no improvement. Admittedly, we do not know whether this product works for other hair loss sufferers but we know with absolute certainty it doesn't for us. This knowledge alone may not be of much value but if shared it could become an effective weapon in the fight against hair loss fraud. It is astonishing that fraudulent businesses can continue selling their rubbish in this day and age when most of their customers have internet access.

For those who would like to have their opinion spread, there are some platforms that can be used to share your experiences with the hair loss products you have tried, such as independent hair loss forums, hair loss blogs such as this one; and some marketers' websites also encourage their customers to write independent product reviews. It is unfortunate that to this day many of these platforms are more often used by the marketers to promote their own products rather than experience-sharing consumers who they were originally designed for.

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