Is It Possible to Reverse Grey Hair?

Reversing grey hair is similar to regrowing lost hair due to hereditary factors in that it requires interference with our genes and resetting our internal clock. Although there are various other causes of grey hair, such as excessive stress, bad diet, vitamin B deficiency and smoking, all of them put together account for less grey than the single biggest cause - genetics. There is no essential difference between premature and normal, age-related greying process. The pigment that determines the colour of our hair is produced by special cells at the root of our hair called melanocytes. It is the lifespan of melanocytes that determines the onset of the greying process. This lifespan is genetically given and has little to do with our age or life-expectancy. Once melanocytes die, the hair turns white. It is by virtue of nature that some people will experience their first grey in their teens while others take all their black hair to the grave. If more than 50% of a person's hair is white by the age of 40, it is considered premature. No matter whether we are treating grey hair in a twenty year old or in a seventy year old person, the approach should be the same.

Many people, most recently and increasingly men, are dyeing their hair. Whether you use conventional, permanent or semi-permanent hair dyes or progressive grey hair colorants, the results are usually satisfactory. That is provided you do not suffer from an allergy. However, many grey hair sufferers believe they can reverse their greying hair naturally. But is it possible? Given the currently available treatment options, it seems it is not. Reversing the greying of hair naturally appears at least as difficult as regrowing lost hair from a bald spot. There is no scientific evidence that any existing medicinal substance, herb, dietary supplement or natural product can prevent or reverse greying hair. Several cosmetic and pharmaceutical giants are working on the discovery of the ultimate cure for greying hair but no satisfactory solution is available yet. There are some promising lines of genetic research, most notably telomere research, that could produce the ultimate answer to greying hair but their practical applications are a good ten years away.

Despite the lack of scientific and consumer evidence about reversing grey hair, there are some commercial products that claim to rejuvenate the dead melanocytes and reverse greying. Most anti-grey hair products either use Fo-Ti, referring to the centuries old legend of Mr He, who recovered his original hair colour, youthful appearance and vitality from traditional Chinese medicinal herb (also known as He Shou Wu), or use B vitamins (mostly PABA and folic acid) as their main ingredients, since some forms of premature greying are believed to be caused by vitamin B deficiency. However, such products are ineffective for the vast majority of grey hair sufferers. The sad truth is that most anti-grey hair products are a scam.

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