Is HairMax Only for Full Heads of Hair?

HairMax LaserComb

In January 2007, Lexington International's HairMax LaserComb received FDA clearance, allowing it to be used safely as a treatment promoting hair growth in males. It employs a technology that has been in use for several years to accelerate healing and hair growth after hair transplant surgery. There are other laser combs on the market that are less expensive than Lexington International's HairMax, and which claim to be as effective, but none other has received FDA clearance to be used as a treatment promoting hair growth. LaserComb is said to work by dilating blood vessels and increasing the blood supply to hair follicles. Reviews of this product have been mixed so far. It seems to be best used as a supportive treatment to standard treatments such as finasteride and minoxidil but its reviews as a stand-alone treatment are relatively negative. Many users believe that HairMax only improves the shine and manageability of their hair. HairMax seems to be more appropriate for women as they have fewer treatment options than men.

Customers, in assessing the efficacy of HairMax LaserComb, must largely rely on the data provided by the manufacturer as no reliable independent research has been done yet to confirm the study results claimed. Before and after pictures on LaserComb's own website do not look unreasonable but some of the voice testimonials sound illogical. Several customers (Joe, Carol) claim that their hair thickened after the first two weeks (!!!) of using HairMax. Lexington International must have been very fortunate to find such excellent responders to their product with such fast growing hair. Furthermore, none of the people in the promotional video below seems to be suffering from any form of alopecia. It would be a great disappointment to the balding community if HairMax LaserComb turned out to be just another product that only promotes hair growth in people not affected by any form of alopecia.

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