Lead Poisoning From Hair Product


Reader's feedback from Maggie Sands

Hello, so glad to find this opportunity to share what has/is happened to me. I have lead poisoning from the use of restoria and discreet hair products. I am from natural medicine background of over 25 years and have more knowledge than a lay person regarding health, I own 2 established wellness centres and have been involved with the natural medicine at a political level for 2 decades in Australia. I mention this so the reader will understand I am no dummy, in fact it may be the knowledge I have combined with this personal experience that will assist inform user of these products or better still get them off the market. I have been very ill for 5 months, it has taken months to work out what has been wrong with me, who would think products available in any chemist could be so dangerous, having had 11 blood tests but only having a lead blood test more recently I am now understanding what has been occurring in my body as it tries to rid itself of this toxic lead. My symptoms, severe headaches, nausea, fatigue, memory loss, inability to concentrate and pain, severe pain particularly head pain. I have been in contact with "THE LEAD GROUP" BASED IN SYDNEY, if you have a similar experience please contact THE LEAD GROUP at www.lead.org.au/cu.html. I intend to write a home detox sheet as there are numerous things that can be done to help support this process, it would seem medicos don't know too much about this so finding a qualified and experienced naturopath is essential. Have a hair analysis test done ASAP. I am aware that I have to release the lead in a way that doesn't put me into an overload situation that my body is unable to cope with. I have been to the emergency dept at a local hospital once as the pain was so severe...the dr there sent me for a MRI but results came back ok. The first DR I went to said I was depressed and within 5 minutes tried to PUSH me onto anti depressants which he proudly announced he had 2000 other clients on. What I am finding is that I am having to find my own way with this, symptoms are similar to other conditions so why would a medico even look for lead poisoning from a hair product. Hope this assists someone somewhere as there as I said isn't much around, bye for now look forward to hearing from anyone is this or similar position.


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