Melancor-NH Killing Two Birds With a Single Stone

Until very recently it was assumed that there was no way of reversing grey hair. But a couple of investigative grey hair sufferers made a remarkable discovery. As they were searching the web for healthy pet foods, they stumbled upon what seems to be a poorly- marketed but highly-effective grey hair cure and brought it to our attention. The product is called Melancor-NH, manufactured and marketed by a low profile, US firm, Melancor. After a brief inspection of this innovative remedy, it was acknowledged that it deserves better promotion in our community. It is a great joy to have the rare opportunity to announce to the grey hair and hair loss sufferers of the world that a magic cure for grey hair and baldness in one single treatment called Melancor-NH is finally available. According to its manufacturer, just two Melancor-NH tablets a day are clinically proven to:

  1. blend away grey hair naturally at pigment level
  2. revive bald and thinning hair
  3. renew premature grey hair to natural colour
  4. reverse receding hairlines
  5. repair damaged pigments and follicles

It seems incredible what two pills a day can do. This inexpensive product will do all its work for less than 50 US dollars a month. You are advised to allow it six to twelve months to deliver results which will cost you a mere 285 US dollars for a six-month treatment and only 570 US dollars for the whole year. You are strongly encouraged to buy some as a special treat for your relatives and friends, too. If you want to see what Melancor customers say about this revolutionary product read the reviews on Amazon. Should Melancor fail to restore your grey hair or reverse your receding hairline, you are probably not among the blessed 78% of the population that this product is guaranteed to help. Do not despair, there must be some other magic cure out there. We will dig it out for you and present it next time.

If you have not guessed by now, this story is an April fool's joke and it is not recommended buying Melancor-NH for either treating hair loss or reversing the greying of your hair.

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