The Most Effective Hair Regrowth Treatment – Editor's Tip

You must have heard of various, often highly sophisticated and complex combinations of treatments that your fellow hair loss sufferers follow as their daily regimen. Some people will swear by these combination treatments, as they usually show improved results over any single product you can buy in the pharmacy. The fact is that no single pill or topical exists that can combine the benefits of all treatments. There are some generic treatments that are trying to merge as many ingredients that have ever been found to promote hair growth as possible into a single product but something is always missing in their formula. They are usually either too medical or too herbal or exclusively topical or just oral.

In order to make things yet more complicated, the author of this blog proposes his own top hair regrowth therapy for male patients. This therapy has demonstrated good results in a number of patients, mainly in the vertex area of their scalp, where you usually have enough vellus hair left. It combines all the most promising substances promoting hair growth known today in three separate treatments. The basis of this therapy is a combination of Spectral DNC-L and Rogaine foam. This combination should be supported with the use of 1mg of oral finasteride (Propecia) daily.

You often hear people complaining about treatments being either smelly or sticky or colouring their hair. No treatment seems to be perfect and Spectral DNC-L is no exception to this rule. Therefore, you are advised to use Spectral DNC-L at night, at least one hour before going to bed, so that it can dry completely and will not stain your pillow. Then, in the morning, apply Rogain foam, which will clean your hair of Spectral DNC-L residue and will wash it down to your scalp, increasing the efficacy of the treatment. It is obviously beneficial only if you do not wash your head every morning. This combination can also deliver satisfactory results in individuals who do not want to use finasteride (Propecia) or any other oral dihydrotestosterone (DHT) inhibitor, as some components of Spectral DNC-L are also effective in blocking DHT. You can expect to experience shedding about six weeks after starting this therapy and you should notice a tangible improvement in the thickness of your hair about six months into the treatment. Should you experience itchiness or redness of the scalp, which is not very common with this treatment, use Nizoral shampoo to cool it down.

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