NEOSH101 Phase IIb Results Are Pending

NEOSH101 is a proteasome inhibitor (a potential osteoporosis cure), being presently developed into a hair loss remedy by the dermatology-focused specialty pharmaceutical company called Neosil. It is currently undergoing Phase IIb clinical trials for its targeted FDA approval conducted in Germany. The results of the Phase IIa were encouraging, particularly the finding of increased numbers of terminal hairs among new hairs. NEOSH101 proved to be a more powerful and much faster-acting hair growth stimulant than minoxidil with only once-daily application.

At the moment the results of the first study from the Phase IIb series are pending. In this study, three equal-sized treatment groups (60 men each) receive either topical NEOSH101 (2.0%), minoxidil (5%) or a placebo twice daily for sixteen weeks. In another study within the framework of Phase IIb, involving 140 men, the effects of three topical doses of NEOSH101, applied once daily for sixteen weeks, at various concentrations, are being examined. A twelve-week observation period will follow the treatment period. The results of this study should be published this year. Although not expected to become an ultimate cure for baldness, NEOSH101 might in the future replace minoxidil as a hair growth stimulant due to its superior potency.

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