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Nioxin Consumer Reviews

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recolonizes the scalp

By Andrew from California, age 39, who has been using Nioxin for nine months:

I've been using the Nioxin. First just the shampoo, then adding the treatment and conditioner. When I started use, my hairline was approaching a "Richard Nixon" type hairline with a lot of thinning on the top and back. When using the product, there may be a month or two of little change and followed by dramatic improvements. Since using it, my hairline had widened in the front (looks more like the top of the state of Ohio) and it has thickened in thin spots. The treatment is very affordable. You do need to have patience with this product in that you do need to use it for a while to see results, and results are slow but progressive.

  • Currently 4/5 Stars.

hair growth treatment

By Sarina from NV, who has been using Nioxin follicle booster for four months:

I am using Nioxin intensive therapy follicle booster now for 4 months and I am really satisfied with this product. My hair stop fall and also look healthier. But it takes little time to show results. Its a mixture of really good ingredients for details you have to read the article or buy this product....

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No longer effective after two years of treatment

By Harry from the US, age 33, who has been using Nioxin follicle booster for two years:

I have been using Nioxin follicle booster for two years. It stopped my hair loss first but now I seem to be losing hair again and I am looking for alternatives. This product was not designed to regrow hair so if you are looking for a regrowth treatment, try something different.


Editor's Review Editor's Review of Nioxin

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