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Nu Hair Consumer Reviews

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No help

By Mike, age 62, who has been using Nu Hair for 5 months:

I have seen no new growth or thickening of my hair with this product. I agree with the editor's review that for some of us it is worthless. I contacted the company about their guarantee and cannot get a response from them.

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Excellent Product

By Earnestine from Georgia, age 48 who has been using Nu Hair for 4 weeks:

I've used every product on the market, since 2006, to regrow my hair. I started losing hair in 2006 and it continued to thin until 2010. I had no success with any of the previous products but Nu hair has worked for me. I had bald spots at the crown of my head which are now filled with hair. the rest of my hair had doubled in length. The thickness overall, my hair has doubled in length and i no longer have the bald spots. I will never stop taking this product. because it works for me.

Editor's Review Editor's Review of Nu Hair

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