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Pantostin Consumer Reviews (Ell-Cranell Alpha)

  • Currently 5/5 Stars.

For me (not yet bald and just thinning), this stuff is great

By Young American from USA, age 52 who has been using Pantostin for 6 weeks:

So I have a lot of hair but beginning around 3 years ago, stylists began noticing thinness and they are really talking about it lately, sometimes recommending quack remedies.

I used minoxidil, supposedly a one-month bottle and it was gone in just over 2 weeks (my fault, naturally, how could I be so careless as to use it up too fast, blah-blah). I tried this stuff instead and after only a few weeks my hair is now bushy and full, the stylists won't shut up about it. No joke. The product will not grow hair on bald spots it seems, but if you are losing hair, this could be the ticket, despite the "weak weapon" meme that everybody likes to repeat.

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