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Poly Re-Nature

Poly Re-Nature is a hair colorant that is said to bring back the natural hair colour gradually. The product was first introduced in Germany and Austria in 1998 and it is now available in many European countries as well as some oversees markets. It comes in the form of a cream and is suitable for use by men and women but it should not be used to colour facial hair. Poly Re-Nature changes the colour of the white hair gradually, which makes the change less noticeable than with traditional hair dyes. It works in a similar fashion to metallic-based, hair colouring lotions (such as Grecian formula) by replacing the missing pigment in white hair with a chemically-formed synthetic pigment. The difference is mainly in the type of chemical reaction and the resulting chemical formula of the pigment but the principle remains the same. The application also happens to be different. Poly Re-Nature is applied to the hair for about five minutes and then rinsed and the hair washed with shampoo. The main advantage over the metallic-based products using lead acetate is that it does the work without the use of poisonous heavy metal compounds and you can wash your hair as often as you like. The main disadvantage is the more aggressive nature of the substance. The re-pigmentation process is slow and lasts several days after the cream has been washed out. The chemical reaction involves 5, 6-dihydroxyindoline which reacts with oxygen in the air to produce polymers that act like melanin and bring back your natural hair colour. The author of this review tried this product back in 1999. It did work as promised but it gave him a bad allergic reaction after the first application and he never dared try it again. Poly Re-Nature works best for shades between dark blond and black. It was not designed for use on red hair and it was not tested on and is not recommended for African and Asian hair.

Consumer reviews are plentiful but they only seem to be available in German and most of them are positive. Some consumers complained about the bad smell and the aggressive nature of the cream, and flaking after its continued use. Several people said Poly Re-Nature coloured their hair red after repeated application. It sounds weird, as this product is typically not very useful for colouring hair that was originally red. Poly Re-Nature is believed to be a good alternative for grey hair sufferers afraid of the metallic compounds contained in other types of hair colorants. However, they must be ready to put up with the inconvenience of using this fast-reacting mixture and be lucky not to suffer from an allergic reaction to one of its ingredients. Re-Nature is currently not available in stores and pharmacies in either USA or Canada.

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