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Provillus is marketed as an all-natural hair loss remedy that claims to help men and women retain and regrow lost hair. It contains ingredients that are commonly found in numerous other hair loss cures. There are special Provillus formulas for women and men. Women’s capsules contain B vitamins (B6, biotin, PABA), magnesium and horsetail extract, which is considered a potent antioxidant. The female formula is just a simple vitamin pill promoting healthy hair.

Yet, a few months ago, Provillus for men consisted of a lotion and supplement capsules. The principal active substances in the lotion were minoxidil (5%) and azelaic acid (5%). It is a common mixture, familiar to millions of hair loss sufferers in the world. Minoxidil was the first substance approved by the FDA in the US to treat male pattern baldness and it has since been approved by the equivalent health authorities in many other countries of the world. However, Provillus has been recently redesigned to become an all-natural product and production of its topical lotion seems to have been discontinued, although it might have been the only reasonable component in its formula. Nonetheless, there still are some distributors selling the original minoxidil-containing formula. The main active ingredient in the men's capsules besides vitamins (B6, biotin) and minerals (magnesium, zinc) is saw palmetto (1,500 mg of extract daily). Saw palmetto's potency in treating hair loss is usually compared with finasteride and it is often presented as its safe, natural substitute. This claim is, however, unsubstantiated as nobody really knows whether saw palmetto can help treat baldness. Nevertheless, saw palmetto is being used by hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of hair loss sufferers around the world. Other ingredients include herbal extracts from nettle root, pumpkin seed oil, eleuthero root (Siberian ginseng), uva ursi (bearberry) and muira puama (herbal aphrodisiac). None of these herbs and fruits has been clinically proven to be beneficial in treating baldness.

Consumer reviews of Provillus are, apart from testimonials on the websites of its affiliates, practically non-existent, despite the seemingly strong market position of this product, given its omnipresent marketing and advertising. Just type in "Provillus" in Google and see how many websites you find with the word Provillus in their domain name. In summary, Provillus is a relatively unsophisticated supplement pill containing vitamins and assumed natural DHT blockers. However, at 30 dollars a month it is a lot more affordable than the original combined formula used to be though less powerful.

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