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Reminex is yet another gray hair product, using Fo-Ti (he shou wu) as its principal active ingredient. It consists of pills and a shampoo. Other products relying on Fo-Ti's ill-assumed ability to reverse graying process include Shen Min, Shou Wu Pill and Shou Wu Pian, to name just a few. Apart from Fo-Ti extract, the Reminex formula consists of vitamin B complex (including PABA and folic acid, a deficiency of which is often associated with causing gray hair), choline and inositol (supplements usually grouped within the vitamin B complex), minerals (zinc, iodine, calcium), bromelain (a natural anti-inflammatory agent), cysteine (active ingredient in cysteine permanent wave lotions, reducing keratin) and collagen (a protein that coats the hair and penetrates the cuticle, making hair appear thicker, shinier and more manageable).

There are no consumer reviews of Reminex, except for noticeably made-up customer testimonials available on the Reminex home page and a few other sites selling and promoting it. Although this product contains all the best-known substances commonly associated with restoring gray hair, none of them has ever been clinically proven to help treat age-related or premature gray hair. Reminex could be potentially beneficial to people suffering from a deficiency of one of the B vitamins but it is very unlikely to reverse a genetically-determined graying process.

In summary, it can be said that Reminex is a mix of Fo-Ti, vitamin B complex, several minerals and a few additives commonly used in hair cosmetics. It may make your hair look shinier and thicker but it will do nothing to replace the missing pigment in the follicles producing your white hair. As yet, there seems to be no treatment that could do it.

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