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Rogaine Consumer Reviews

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Not for the hairline

By Derek from Canada, age 36, who has been using Rogaine for more than a year:

I have been putting Rogaine on my scalp for a little more than a year and saw some hair growing back in the crown area. But my hairline does not seem to get affected at all, although I always make sure that it gets fully covered when I am applying it. I seem to have more hair growing in my ears though.

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Be consistent and patient

By Spencer from England, age 41, who has been using Rogaine for four years:

I am balding in the crown area and started using Rogaine about 4 years ago at a point when I already could feel the thin spot with my fingers. The thin area was about 2 inches in diameter but not yet completely bald, just thinner, while the hair in it was visibly shorter and lighter in colour than my other hair. I decided to give Rogaine a try and started with the regular, branded product twice daily. I have also tried Kirkland Rogaine and both worked fine. I had a shed about 6 weeks after the start of the treatment and noticed that my hair got clearly thicker and darker a few months later. Now, I am still using Rogaine for maintenance, my hair is not changing much, the hair in the crown will never be the same as it was in my teens but it has definitely thickened up compared with what it was like at the beginning of the treatment. I believe that Rogaine works, you just have to use it consistently.

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Rogaine gives me thicker hair

By Tom, age 31, who has been using Rogaine for Men for one year:

I am not sure whether other readers find it positive or not but one aspect of Rogaine for men that I like is the fact that it dries so slowly. It makes me feel that its effects last longer when compared with other fast-drying minoxidil lotions. I have used a variety of generic minoxidil products in the past but they always gave me the impression of drying my scalp and making my hair appear thinner and colourless. Rogaine has made my hair thicker and darker.

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It works for me

By DB, age 33, who has been using Rogaine for Women for three months:

This is my third month using Rogaine for Women 2%. I have mild hair loss located at the very front of my head, and per my dermatologists advice gave Rogaine a try.

This is the beginning of my 3rd month using Rogaine and I can clearly see new growth. Moreover, the new growth is thicker in diameter than the original hairs which is why I can see them so clearly.

Now, here is the downside. Rogaine works a bit too well for me as I have experienced unwanted hair growth on my face as well. The once barely visible fine or "baby" hairs are much thicker too AND have migrated further down my face. I also grew a stray hair on my nose - LOL.

That said, my once sparse eyebrow hairs are also thickening which is another plus for me.

Though facial hair growth is bad for a woman I am willing to deal with this as it indicates that my body is responding to Rogaine. And since I pluck and wax anyway, this really is not an issue.

I experienced dandruff during the first two weeks but this has resolved itself.

All I can say is give it a try, what do you have to lose except for the obvious - more hair.


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