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Rogaine Foam Consumer Reviews

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By Cheri, age 48, who has been using Rogaine foam for one month:

After 1.5 years of excessive hair shedding, two different derms told me to try Mens strength Rogain Foam 2x per day. The first two weeks it seemed as though my hair was finally slowing down on shedding but... within the 3rd week my hair started falling out with a vengeance! I stopped after 4 weeks - it is now 2.5 months later and my hair is SIGNIFICANTLY thinner and continues to shed much more than before I began using it. To add insult to injury, I am growing dark hair from the corners of my brows to my temples and well above my brows on to my forehead. What a NIGHTMARE!!!! DO not use this product. As far as I am concerned it is POISON!

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Keeping what I have left

By Ramon from New Mexico, age 29, who has been using Rogaine foam for over a year:

I have tried Rogaine foam and minoxidil 12.5% and think they work the same. They helped me keep my hair but I have not seen any new growth, only modest hair thickening at the start of the treatment. After nine months there was no further improvement and I decided to drop minoxidil 12.5% for being so thick and uncomfortable to use. I continue using Rogaine foam to retain the remaining hair.

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Better than Rogaine for women

By Ivonne from Michigan, age 44, who has been using Rogaine foam for two years:

Although Rogaine foam is not recommended for women, I can report having great results from it. I was using Rogaine for women for 6 months, which helped me reduce my hair loss but it was only after I switched to Rogaine foam that my hair started becoming fuller. The foam works better and is easier to apply than liquid Rogaine.

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Opening can

By Neil from New York City, age 66, who has not used Rogaine foam yet:

I can't get the cap off the can. I've tried calling 1-800-rogaine: they hang up on me, or tell me I'm not giving the correct response and THEN hang up on me, or tell me they'll have someone call me in a few days.

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Easy to apply and fast drying

By Neil from the US, age 33, who has been using Rogaine foam for year and a half:

This is a great improvement over the liquid form. It has its typical smell that many are complaining about but other than that this stuff is practically unnoticeable in your hair a few minutes after application. It does not differ from minoxidil lotion in terms of its efficacy and the premium you pay is for it being so easy to apply. In my opinion, Rogaine foam is amongst the best hair loss solutions currently available. I will continue using it.

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The best version of minoxidil I have used

By evergreen from Bristol UK, age 45, who has been using Rogaine foam for 8 months:

I’ve used liquid Rogaine for about three and a half years, sometimes experiencing itchy scalp and dandruff, which caused me to break off the treatment quite a few times. I have tried other oily generic lotions too but the problem has always been the same, they took long hours to dry and made my hair sticky. In April, I started using Rogaine foam and I think I will stay with it as long as there is no better hair-growth stimulant available. It is easy to apply, dries quickly, visually it cannot be recognised and it is not giving me dandruff. It is, though, a lot more expensive than the liquid. The weakness is its unpleasant chemical scent. I do not know what is in it that it smells so weird but its smell will be with you for about half an hour. The foam appears to me to be just as effective as the liquid Rogaine in stopping my hair loss. I have not experienced any regrowth before and I doubt Rogaine foam will give me any either. I am using it as a prevention and to thicken my existing hair and I am not combining it with any other hair-growth treatment.

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