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Reviews of Shou Wu Pill and Shou Wu Pian

Shou Wu Pill and Shou Wu Pian are, besides Shen Min, some of the best known Chinese, natural, herbal supplements marketed worldwide as remedies for reversing gray hair and baldness. Their principal active ingredient is Fo-Ti (He Shou Wu, polygonum multiflorum), a Chinese herb that in Chinese traditional medicine is believed to be among the best herbs for restoring hair colour and reducing hair loss. Shou Wu Pill, in addition to Fo-Ti, contains a small amount of Fu Ling mushroom (poria cocos, similar to European truffle) that is added to enhance the digestibility and absorption of Fo-Ti. The third component of Shou Wu Pill, Chuan Xiong (ligusticum wallichii), is used as a messenger herb to focus the action of Fo-Ti on the head and hair. Shou Wu Pian formula is also built around Fo-Ti as its principal active ingredient, the effectiveness of which in this formula is enhanced by various other Chinese medicinal herbs.

The magic of Fo-Ti (He Shou Wu), the main active ingredient in both aforementioned products, refers back to the legend from centuries ago of Mr. He, who restored his black hair, youthful appearance and vitality using this plant. Modern science has not confirmed any of the claims made by the Fo-Ti marketers in regards to Fo-Ti's ability to restore hair colour and reverse baldness. Using these products will hardly have any visible impact on your hair but if you strongly believe in their magic, the placebo effect might help you feel a positive change. The author of this review has been using Fo-Ti in various forms for sixteen months, experiencing no positive change in his hair colour or hair thickness and he personally does not know anybody who has. There are no consumer reviews of either Shou Wu Pill and Shou Wu Pian and, therefore, reviews of the best known Fo-Ti-based, gray hair product - Shen Min original formula - might come in useful when assessing their potency.

Consumer Reviews Consumer Reviews of Shou Wu Pill and Shou Wu Pian

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