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Spectral DNC Consumer Reviews

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Causes Hair thinning

by Tom from London, age 29, who has been using Spectral DNC-L for four months:

Used this product after reading it claims to regrow hair on temples and hairline as over the years I started to notice a slight receding hairline. After the first month shedding occurred, I was shedding thick hairs at an alarming rate. I continued use hoping that I would regain the hairs shedded plus more hairs regrown as indicated by them. 3 mths later after the shedding: that's 4mths after topical treatment on Spectral DNC-L alone I managed to replace some of the thick strong hair shedded in the initial stage with very thin almost invisible hair. In conclusion the result for me accentuated my receding hairline and temples in a matter of 15-16 weeks, my MPB was indicative of at which I would have expected 2-3 years down the line. I believe this product is only helpful in producing a peachy fuzz on the top of the head at best and has a taratogenic effect on the life cycle of healthy hair that is not in the miniaturisation stage. My advice is to leave this product well alone for mild temple and hairline recession since if my case is not atypical then this product will not prove cosmetically efficacious for those trying to regrow and/or retain a hairline.

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Waiting to see results

by Luka from Italy, age 33, who has been using Spectral DNC for three months:

I am still waiting to see results. I started this treatment three months ago and almost threw it away immediately as I could not get the cream out of the container. Spray pump did not work. But the second bottle did so I have at least one that works fine and can be refilled. This stuff is really horrible so I hope it is for some reason. I am using it twice daily as recommended by the manufacturer, to this day with no results just my hair is getting red.

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My hair grows back

by Ray, age 29, who has been using Spectral DNC-L for six months:

I can honestly say that this is the only product from a number of hair loss remedies I have tried so far that managed to grow back some of my lost hair. It is better than Rogaine and Propecia. It gives me no side effects and I will continue using it. It seems to contain many useful ingredients with proven hair benefits, which make it a bit expensive.

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Decent results but you have to wash your hair daily

by Denny from VA, age 37, who has been using Spectral DNC for 1.5 years:

I know it may not work the same for everyone but I am generally pleased with this product. I am getting really good results, as it seems to have stabilised my hair loss condition and made my existing hair grow faster and thicker. Spectral has its weaknesses, too, as it is quite expensive, the spray bottle clogs up, it is oily and gives my hair a yellow tinge if I do not shampoo daily. It also gave me terrible shedding initially, which lasted nearly two months. But I am glad now I was patient and did not abandon the treatment. All the hair I have shed came back thicker and stronger. Since it is so greasy I am considering using it only once a day at night, to see what happens.

Editor's Review Editor's Review of Spectral DNC

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